Posted: December 13, 2010 in Movies, Uncategorized

Prepare yourself as Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard go for OSCARS!!!

Last year’s announcement that Oscar and Grammy award winner JHud was going to portray Winnie Madikizela (Mandela) opposite Terrence Howard’s Nelson Mandela on the big screen kicked up some dust. Actually that’s an understatement. It kicked off a huge sandstorm of Sahara-like proportions. Why? Most people felt that the power of Madikizela’s story would have been better expressed by South African actors.  The fact that the script wasn’t written with Winnie’s input drew the ire of some. Madikizela is a hugely polarizing figure in South African politics and culture. Whatever you feel about her, I bet you apathy doesn’t describe it. As a child growing up in Africa, Winnie was always this strong larger than life woman who refused to let her husband’s imprisonment make a matyr of her. Despite living and suffering for the cause, I never (remember I was a kid) got the sense that she pitied her lot in any way.

All this to say, that the film trailer really disappointed me. Terrence Howard captures Mandela’s distinct helium-like voice with none of his gravitas nor accent. He really tried and am so hoping the movie will prove me wrong. J Hud is winsome as a young Winnie but once they put on the fat suit and extra makeup………….it was downhill. Winnie has matured beautifully over the years maintaining her beauty, verve and iron will. Yet the mature Winnie, Hudson portrays looks sickly, the makeup was off and so were the prosthetics. For a movie titled : Winnie Mandela: A Life I really hope the full movie captures the Winnie Madikizela in her youth, her activist zenith and her present.

I will still go and watch it. Whaddya think of the trailer?


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