Posted: December 9, 2010 in FUNDING, Scholarships

Hamilton’s premier award show for the Afro-Caribbean community is back. Previous awardees include captains of commerce like Mr. Michael Lee-Chin, our favorite Hamiltonian Honourable Lincoln Alexander and academicians like Dr. Afua Cooper, Dr. Gary Warner and Dr. Patricia Daenzer.

The McMaster community has repeatedly yielded various winners in the Youth Achievement and Community Service categories. For 3 consecutive years, awardees included executives of the McMaster African Students Association (MASA)including yours truly.  Speaking from experience, the awards are a great networking experience and simply inspiring. The youth achievement award comes with a scholarship/bursary so get crackalacking. If you know any outstanding community members or youth, pass on the info below so that they can apply.


  1. Nomination form filled by nominator describing nominee’s background, career and present activities accompanied by a resume/biography not exceeding 3 pages
  2. Nominator must describe in less than 300 words how the nominee has contributed in the category in which they have been nominated
  3. 3 letters of support from individuals or organizations whose views validate the information supplied by the nominator.
  4. contact the website for information on where to send your dossier and to download the application form


Youth Achievement:
The successful youth (16-24 years of age) must demonstrate involvement in activities that enhance the nominee’s growth and development. This award is presented as a bursary and or/academic scholarship for furthering the recipient’s studies in a post secondary institution or trade institution. (Recipient must be graduating high school in the same year of being awarded this honour)
Criteria to be considered will include:

  • Record of activities/achievements, which other youth can use to enhance their own growth and development.
  • Evidence of discipline, leadership and commitment (ambassador for youth in a wide arena and a positive role model)
  • Demonstrates a keen sense of self and can articulate the nominee’s desired goals.
  • Maintains a good standing in their educational pursuit.

Community ServiceThe successful candidate must have a record of voluntary community involvement and service that has contributed to the development and advancement of the community.
Criteria to be considered will include:

  • Significant in enrichment of lives of individuals and groups, over a period of time
  • Demonstration of commitment and dedication
  • Exceptional volunteer service through community organizations
  • Significant impact of contributions on the community

Business / Professional Achievement

The candidate(s) must currently be involved in the business sector either as an
entrepreneur or contributor or demonstrate excellence in a profession.

Criteria to be considered will include:

  • Significant contribution to the business community through a record of outstanding achievements
  • Evidence of on-going leadership in the business/profession
  • Creation of employment opportunities contributed new ideas, processes & practices that has added to the general body of knowledge in the nominee’s field and serves a framework for other practitioners.
  • Broader significance of nominee’s contribution to the community.
  1. Viveen samuels says:

    Thank you for your kind and wonderful community service.

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