The African-Canadian Christian Network has been working with Upper Canada College (UCC) for the last 5 years to enhance the educational opportunities for inner city boys of African-Canadian descent. This initiative enables selected boys to complete their secondary school education at this prestigious institution with support through their Financial Aid program.  As some of you may know, UCC has an accelerated program for which tuition for the day program is between $27,000 – $29,000 annually, and the boarding between $48,000 and $50,000.  UCC also boasts of a 100% placement rate at post secondary institutions, such as McGill, Queen’s and Western—the top 3 universities of choice selected by the students. So far, we have been successful in placing students in both the boarding and day programs.  The young men are all doing well, and the first group will be graduating next year.

This year, in preparation for the 2011 school year, we are seeking candidates who may qualify for Grades 7, 8 and 9. The process is quite competitive and the number of new intakes accepted at UCC each year for the grades for which we are interviewing are as follows:

· Grade 7     Birth year 1999           40 – 50

· Grade 8     Birth year 1998           0 – 5

· Grade 9     Birth year 1997           15 – 20

Time is of the essence and we urge you to encourage family, friends and organizations who know young men who may qualify to take advantage of this opportunity.  Once you have identified these young men, have them forward the requirements to us no later than November 24th.

In selecting candidates, UCC looks at the consistency of the performance of the students and place great emphasis on Math and French.  Even though the ACCN may qualify them for an interview at UCC, they must pass their interview process as well as perform well in the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

The ACCN looks for the criteria set by UCC, namely:

§ Academic ability and achievement

§ Co-curricular potential (athletics, art, leadership, etc.)

§ Personal and social development

The recommended boys should have a B+ average or higher and should follow the process outlined below:

1.      IMPORTANT NOTE: While the UCC application can be found and submitted online at, the parent MUST complete and submit the application attached to this e-mail to the ACCN.  Applications submitted directly to UCC cannot be retrieved and considered for this opportunity through the ACCN.

2. Additionally, they need to submit the other application materials that include:

· Birth Certificate (copy only)

· End-of-year School Reports for the last two years (copies only)

· Candidate Statement (attached to this e-mail and can be downloaded at

· Candidate photo (passport size)

3. Please have the students’ teachers complete the Teacher Evaluations.  Copies are attached to this e-mail and can also be found

Once completed please send to the ACCN

· Electronically, after scanning all the requested information to

· By special delivery to the office of the African-Canadian Christian Network, 549 Oakdale Road, Unit 1, Toronto, ON M3N 1W7

· By Canada Post to the office of The African-Canadian Christian Network (ACCN), 549 Oakdale Road, Unit #1, Toronto, Ontario M3N 1W7.

· We can be reached by phone at 416-744-3084.

The Selection Process

A committee of educators who volunteer with the ACCN will review the applications and invite boys who fit the criteria to an interview at the ACCN’s office on November 27th, 2010.  After the interviews, the names of the final selection of candidates will be submitted to UCC by the ACCN.  They will contact the boys chosen for an interview at their campus.


SSAT is a requirement for entry for the boys at UCC.  We encourage  parents to register their child (qualified by the ACCN)  to complete the SSAT by December 11th, 2010.  More information on the SSAT can be found at  The e-mail address is

Financial Aid at UCC

Consideration for Financial Aid is available to eligible parents.  Awards may cover up to 100% of tuition fees. Qualified candidates must complete and submit the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS), which is attached to this e-mail and also available at


Final Decision

The ACCN will notify all candidates about the decision made regarding their son during the first week of December.  The UCC will invite the qualified boys for an interview at their campus. Applicants selected for admission will be notified in writing by UCC.

We Thank You

We recognize that this is a rigorous process, but also a tremendous and historic opportunity for youth from the community to leave a legacy behind at UCC. We look forward to your nominations. Please feel free to circulate this e-mail widely.  We thank you for your support and attention to the process.

Please contact me if you require any additional information.

Cherryl Lewis
Executive Director
African-Canadian Christian Network
P: 416-744-3084
F: 416-742-7966


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