Are you between 8-12 and speak Kiswahili?

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
Happy African Heritage Month members,

This is an audition call for the part of a kid newscaster.  We are looking for a boy/girl team.
Positions available: 2
Age: 8 – 12 yrs

The best candidate for these positions will be fluent in English & Kiswahili.  We will be happy to offer Kiswahili coaching for those who might be rusty.
This is a volunteer position.

Auditions to be held this coming Saturday by appointment at KCO offices @ 1992 Yonge st. Unit 203
Each candidate must be accompanied by a legal guardian
Priority will be given to guardians who are KCO members.
Interested parties/guardians please send your contact information here > (please click and compose email) onekenyadian@

As part of my commitment to KCO, my company Muoi Nene Productions (MNP) is donating production services to KCO through the Youth Committee to create “news” or video clips at certain intervals.  These will soon be available for all to view online.  Along with other partners and with the support of KCO parents/guardians (without whom the Youth Committee and KCO would struggle) we aim to create a fun opportunity for our youth to experience what it is like to work in the highly rewarding world of TV and Film.

To begin, we are working on a series of clips to introduce our youth, Ontarians and the world to the history of the most widely spoken indigenous language in Africa, Kiswahili.

We look forward to your inquiries on the project.


Muoi Nene,
Chair-Youth Committee


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