CAPETOWN TO CAIRO (your african musical radio safari)

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hello Musicoholics. Welcome to C2C, your 101 to the best and newest in African music, news, personalites and a plethora of etcs. The show exists to create an African presence in our local and global community on the airwaves. No you don’t have to be African to check us out (smile). African music is a global phenomenon, (we’ll save the debate about its influence on hiphop for later ;)). After all Michael Jackson, J’Lo and Rihanna loved Manu Dibango’s song \”Soul Makossa\” {check out video here} so much, they all recorded a version of it. By the way, this great saxophonist  is from Cameroun.

Looking for a job, scholarships, enterpreneurial resources, helpful links and the like? We regularly update the site with anything that comes across our desks. If you want to share some opportunites of  your own, you are welcome. As long as it is legal, legitimate, non-oppressive, not dangerous, non-objectifying, non-viral etc. You get the drift. Post with good taste and we shall accept you in good faith!


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